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  • How to register to our website?

    Register now and explore more benefits from Hilti Online!

  • How to purchase on Hilti Online?

    Place your order from our website, 24/7!

  • How to use a favorites list and company list on Hilti Online?

    Want to save the products for future use? Create a favorite list and add your frequently purchased products for easy ordering.

  • How to create and convert a quotation on Hilti Online?

    Create a quotation quickly and simply convert your quote to order in one click

  • How to manage your Hilti tools on Hilti Online?

    View your Hilti tools and request repairs directly from the website!

  • How to place a Fleet Renewal Order

    Renew your fleet tools easily from Hilti Online

  • How to find previous order records?

    Would you like to view your previous order records? We'll show you how easy it is to do so through Hilti Online.