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Diamond Coring Machines

Find out how our diamond coring machines are designed for high productivity when hand-held or rig-based, wet or dry, and light- or heavy-duty coring

Diamond coring made easy

Making Concrete Diamond Drilling Easy at its core

Diamond drilling so simple just one person can start coring and go all day

We set out to make diamond coring easy


Because of time and complexity, many contractors outsource diamond coring.  Scheduling means that a jobsite often must wait around for an outside coring team to be sheduled, travel to the site, do the work, and clean up.  Sometimes just for a few holes.


Second, it takes multiple people with skill and experience to core.  They need to move equipment, set up the core rig, provide a continuous water supply, re-fill buckets, and clean up slurry after drilling.


Third, finding a water source on site, transporting to your coring location and managing the flow of water to the core bit while drilling can all be a problem.  In fact, maintaining a constant water supply often occupies much more of your time and reduces your productivity than the actual drilling process.

So easy, every jobsite will benefit

Hilti diamond concrete coring

This is on-demand diamond drilling

The big advantage of empowering your trade experts to handle their own coring is that a project never gets stuck waiting around for an outside coring team to get called in, travel to the site, do the work, and then clean-up - sometimes just for one or two holes.

Hilti diamond coring

Designed for non-specialists to use easily and accurately

Hilti has figured out how to make diamond coring easy for people who aren't coring full-time.  We did this by identifying the major problems of water management, tool mobility, and clean up and devising solutions that make operation simple, intuitive and fast.

Hilti diamond coring

Turns a multiple person job into a one person job

From the setup to cleanup, one person is all it takes.  Because it is easy to manuver and self-contained, Hilti's diamond coring system eliminates the need for multiple people to be involved in coring work.  This can reduce the labor from an average of three people to just one.

Hilti diamond coring

It's the fastest way to core in the industry, from start to finnish

Speed is a natural companion to productivity.  Not only can one person do an entire coring job solo, the time it takes them to setup, drill, cleanup is typically 40% faster than the next best alternative.

Hilti diamond coring

Pays for itself in just two or three jobs

No tricks or complicated math required:  The upfront investment of the system pays for itself very quickly when compared to costs for outsourcing coring and waiting for work to be done.

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Our Solution: The Hilti DD-WMS 100 Water Management System Conquers Water and Cleanup

Easily load and transport water

Fill the DD-WMS 100 up to full with just 14 litres of water.  Then wheel it to exactly where you need to go.  We designed a filter system that cleans and recycles water as you drill, allowing most to core all day without ever needing a refill.  Forget stringing long hoses, hoisting large containers, and needing to refill them.

Have a constant supply of water

Simply attach the DD-WMS 100 to any of Hilti's drilling rigs.  The DD-WMS 100 provides a consistent, constant water source for your concrete drilling application.

Clean as you drill

The water collection ring vacuums slurry and debris as you drill.  The slurry gets filtered and collects into a bag within the DD-WMS 100, while water is cleaned and recycled.  Once drilling is done, so is cleanup.  There is no mess and no need for cleanup later.

Keep coring

Moving to the next hole is easy.  The water filter means that with just 14 litres, most can go all day without refilling.  The DD-WMS 100 provides the equivalent of 30 gallons of water but in an easy to move package.  When the self-sealing slurry collection bag is full, simply replace it with a new one and keep going.

Making Diamond Drilling Easy

Making diamond easy goes beyond just water management.  We offer diamond drilling rigs, core bits, and accessories for a wide range of applications and customer needs.

Hilti diamond drilling

Diamond Drilling Tools

Hand-held or rig-based, wet or dry, for light or heavy duty drilling. Designed for powerful performance.

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Hilti DD-WMS 100 water management system

DD-WMS 100 Water Management System

With our new DD-WMS 100 water management system, the tedious tasks of keeping the jobsite clean and maintaining a constant water supply become a thing of the past.

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Hilti diamond core bits

Diamond Core Bits

Core bits for a wide range of applications, base materials, and all tool power classes.

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Hilti diamond coring accessories


Customize your diamond drilling tools with drill stands, columns, chuck adapters and more.

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