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Cordless Grinders

Clever safety features, faster cuts and extended battery life: find out here how revolutionary Nuron cordless angle grinders can benefit your business

Clever safety features, faster cuts and extended battery life: find out here how revolutionary Nuron cordless angle grinders can benefit your business
GDG 6-22 Cordless die grinder Variable-speed cordless die grinder with powerful brushless motor and extra run time for metal fabrication and architectural metalworking (Nuron battery platform)
GDG 6-A22 Cordless die grinder Variable-speed cordless die grinder with high-performance brushless motor for metal fabrication and architectural metalwork
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Worker cutting a rebar with an Angle Grinder causing sparks

Discover Cordless Angle Grinders

Grinding, cutting and finishing with portable, powerful tools

You need all-day grinding in metal, concrete and stone but could do without the hassle of extension cords. Our solution: cordless angle grinders with impressive power, unique safety features, comfortable handling and flexibility wherever you're working.

And with our new Nuron cordless platform, you get a faster, safer and smarter tool for an even more productive jobsite.

More benefits from a cordless angle grinder

Flexibility and performance

No power outlet? No problem. From 4-inch everyday workhorses to 5-inch powerhouses for cutting and grinding metals and minerals, we have a cordless grinder to meet your need.

Safety and durability

Downtime kills profits. We build tools that not only last long but have ergonomic and safety features that help reduce the likelihood of fatigue and injury.

Fully compatible platform

Our cordless grinders work with the batteries you already use. Or explore Nuron, our wide-range 22V battery platform for more power, longer run time and built-in battery diagnostic.

Worker grinding metal on a workbench with the cordless angle grinder AG 4S-22.

More grinders, more options

Our range of cordless angle grinders covers most applications

The compact-size AG 4S-22 has variable speed control so you can quickly cut through metals, mineral materials and tiles, then slow down to create beautiful finishes. It's an all-day, everyday champion.

For more demanding work like cutting iron pipes, grinding strut panels and notching steel beams, the AG 6D-22 delivers more speed and more cuts per charge than other 22V grinders with bigger, heavier batteries. That's performance comparable to a corded tool.

Worker cutting concrete with AG 6D-22 angle grinder connected to a vacuum (DRS)

Improved safety and comfort

Jobsite-friendly tools that help you do more with less effort

With lighter, slimmer bodies that are easier to grip, our cordless angle grinders offer more precise control and are less tiring to use – especially in tight, awkward spaces. And if the disc jams, our Active Torque Control (ATC) technology helps reduce the likelihood of dangerous kickback.

Lock-on switches make life easier, but they can be a safety hazard. That's why our flagship cordless angle grinders include dead-man functions to help avoid worst-case scenarios.

Working cutting rebar with the cordless angle grinder AG 6D-22
Working cutting rebar with the cordless angle grinder AG 6D-22

Safer, smarter grinding

AG 6D-22: innovative safety and optimal performance with Nuron benefits

Angle grinders are unpredictable when they jam, potentially kicking back in any direction. To help protect you from injury, our AG 6D-22 features 3D-ATC, which stops the tool from spinning if it suddenly leaves the working area. And if you remove your hand from the tool, the SensTech touch-activated function in the grip immediately kills power. 

And as part of the wide-ranging Nuron platform, its built-in battery diagnostics alert you on battery state of health while data driven services help reduce downtime and optimize your workforce better.

Discs for angle grinders

Whatever the job, we've got a disc to help you do it right

With the right accessory, you can transform a cordless angle grinder into one of the most versatile tools on the jobsite.

Available in various sizes and thicknesses, our abrasive discs are bonded and coated to cut faster and last longer.

Enable OSHA compliance

A virtually dust-free jobsite is better for you and your tools. Connect your grinder to a DRS and a VC 10 cordless vacuum cleaner to increase comfort and tool life.

Shop vacuum cleaners and other dust removal systems

Lower your tool costs

Our Fleet Management service covers all your tool costs for a fixed monthly fee. Avoid a large upfront investment in tools and get only the equipment you need.

Learn more about Tool Fleet Management
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