VIP Fast Track

VIP Fast Track

Pre-approve repair quotes to reduce downtime

As our VIP Customer, we want to develop a long-term business relationship with you with custom-made solutions you can rely on. All VIP Customers enjoy pre-approved repair quotations so we can proceed with the repair as soon as the tool arrives in our Tool Service Repair Center in Singapore.

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When you buy a Hilti tool, you get more than just a tool. You also get our industry-leading tool service: High quality, extensive coverage and unmatched speed.

  • Coverage: We offer 20 years of manufacturing warranty and 2 years of no-cost period including wear and tear (no spare part chargers, no labour costs and no pick-up & delivery charges)!
  • Quality: We are confident of our repair quality and we offer a 1-month warranty after the last repair. 
  • Cost: After the 2-year no-cost period, the costs are capped at our repair costs limit (RCL) so you don’t have any surprises.
  • Speed: We are just a click or a call away. We'll collect, repair and return your tool to the site, faster than any other tool repair service.


Hilti tool service

In addition to our unmatched coverage, quality, cost, the VIP Fast track will give you 3 additional key benefits:

  1. Fast & reliable repair. Covered by our 3 days or free repair promise.
  2. We will give you an additional 15% discount on all repairs (labour & Spare parts).
  3. All repair costs will be covered by our Repair Cost Limit. If the repair cost is higher than the repair cost limit, we will cover the difference.


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