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What challenges are you facing with concrete demolition & finishing?

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Overcome delays on your projects

Breaking in uncontrolled demolition

  1. More breaking power = Increase up to 3 times more performance*
  2. Lighter tools = Less fatigue & more productive workforce
  3. With Fleet Management = No more downtime & increase productivity                                                   

Diamond coring/cutting in controlled demolition

  1. High torque = Increased speed and performance
  2. Easy to use tools = Control your project timeline & cost savings up to 30%*
  3. With Fleet Management = No more downtime & increase productivity   

Grinding in concrete finishing

  1. Tool designed for concrete grinding = Increase productivity up to 50%*
  2. Dedicated cup wheels & accessories = Optimised performance
  3. With Fleet Management = No more downtime & increase productivity   

High speed demolition with Hilti chisels

  1. Self-sharpening tip = No re-sharpening or rehardening necessary.
  2. Innovative design = Deeper cracks in concrete and faster dust extraction​
  3. Dust caps on chisels = Extend Tool Lifespan

Enhance health & safety for your teams

Worker fatigue

  1. Active Vibration Reduction = Reduces HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome) condition
  2. Weight reduction & ergonomic tool design = Lesser fatigue

Electrical hazards

  1. Water management system = Cleaner jobsites
  2. Double insulated tools = Highest levels of electrical safety

Dust mitigation

  1. Dust Removal System + vacuum = Up to 95% dustless working environment*
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Increase competency of your teams

Hilti offers an engaging hands-on training service that we take to your jobsite enabling the best learning outcomes for your employees. Our training includes

  • Understanding the right tools + right consumables/inserts for the right applications
  • Operating your tools correctly to benefit it's optimised performance
  • How to use tools safely to reduce the risk of jobsite injuries
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Improve your jobsite productivity with Hilti's innovative solutions

Reduce cost and improve safety on the jobsite by selecting the right tools & inserts for your application

Having the ‘right tools and right inserts for the job’ may seem obvious when working in construction, but you'd be surprised how often the 'right' tool/insert is pushed aside in favour of cheaper alternatives - especially those with lower upfront costs. This is understandable, as procurement teams are under a lot of pressure to keep costs down. However, these so-called ‘cheaper’ alternatives can actually end up costing businesses more by reducing productivity and delaying projects - so much so that costs can soar beyond the original price of the most appropriate tool.

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