Get help preparing technical calculations and on-site technical services

Hilti calculation service

If you need help with technical calculations, we can do those for you.

Just get in touch anytime during your project, from the engineering, construction to handover phrase.

We offer a tailor-made engineering service to produce:

  • Quick and reliable calculations
  • Clear and concise documentation
  • On-site technical services


Hilti calculation service

We can support your project across these applications: 

  • Anchors and post-installed rebar fastenings
  • X-HVB Shear Connectors for composite slab

We can provide these calculations and reports options:

  • Detailed summary of request
  • Commercial offer
  • Full calculation reports

What our on-site service covers

  • Anchor mock-up installation to determine the capacity of the base material for the anchor connection for non-concrete base material.
  • Installation training to equip anchor installers with the essential competency to properly install anchors and post-installed rebars.
  • Software training on the effective use of Profis Anchor and Profis Rebar software.
  • On-site support to resolve site technical challenges on post-installed anchor and rebar.

Do you have a technical calculation that you need help with?

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