Schaan (FL), October 26, 2017 – Hilti has been ranked by the Great Place to Work® organization among the 25 best multinational employers in the world. This year the company placed 22nd.

“We are delighted with the feedback we have received from our team members in these surveys. It confirms we are on the right track with how we live our culture, support our team members and work together as a global team in an environment characterized by trust,” said Sabine Krauss, head of Global Human Resources. The Hilti culture is based on common values, authentic leadership, performance orientation, the consistent development of employees and caring for one another. Group-wide approaches such as the Diversity & Inclusion initiative or flexible working models also lead to a high level of employee engagement. Additional factors include international career opportunities and entrepreneurial mindset and behavior, which Hilti actively advocates and supports by giving a clear understanding of their contributions to the company’s strategy.

As different the backgrounds of employees are, as varied are their responses to the question of what is key for motivation within the company. For example, Ximena Aldea, marketing manager from the Measuring Business Unit, who began working for Hilti France in 2014 and now works at corporate headquarters in Liechtenstein, says: “As a team leader I invest quite a lot of time into the development of team members. We give people the chance to improve by giving them challenges and the freedom to try out new ways to solve them. This gives them the opportunity to improve on a continuous basis.” Peter Metzler, a coach for corporate culture, is still an enthusiastic employee after almost 32 years of service to Hilti. “It’s fascinating to me to see how we continue to develop our culture and implement it on a worldwide basis. This is done in a constant dialog at all levels of the company where the corporate values are transported to the regions, where they are lived out every day. This is one more example of how we help our employees to develop their full potential and make a direct contribution to the company’s success.”



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