Hilti unveils Nuron, an all-new 22v cordless platform with built-in connectivity

On 14 April 2023, Hilti Singapore unveiled and announced the launch of a new innovation that provides customers with a fully-connected experience like never before, Nuron, a more-powerful 22V cordless battery platform.

Nuron introduces state-of-the-art technologies to reinvent how construction professionals work daily on jobsites, tackle health and safety challenges, and manage their businesses, giving them the power and confidence of being safer, smarter, and more efficient. Connectivity is at the core of the platform, making it part of every tool, battery, and charger now and well into the future. With the unveiling of Nuron, Hilti affirms its commitment to innovation and strengthens its legacy as a leading provider of productivity solutions.

Customers' first glimpse and experience with the latest Nuron tools

All on one platform: performance without complexity


Nuron is a single 22V battery platform that enables cordless tools on all kinds of jobs, from light-duty drilling to heavy-duty concrete breaking. Launching with more than 40 tools, the battery platform enables heavy-duty applications that were once restricted to corded, gas-powered or higher-voltage battery systems. And, all the battery packs and chargers work interchangeably under a single ecosystem to help reduce the complexity of tool parks and cost for business. Gone are the days when breakers, angle grinders, and large combi-hammers had to be corded.

The redesigned battery interface ensures higher performance and longer operating times by allowing a significantly higher power transfer, helping customers meet tight deadlines.

Connected to the cloud for increased productivity


Nuron brings intelligence to the core of the platform – all tools generate data which is then stored on the Nuron batteries and sent securely to the cloud during every charge without any operator interaction. The data collected includes information such as tool usage, tool utilization, charging location and battery state of health. This information can then be used to alert individuals if action is needed immediately or can be accessed on-demand as required and is available on mobile and desktop via Hilti’s ON!Track software platform. Together with services like Hilti Fleet Management tool data can be used to reduce downtime and optimize tool parks to boost customer productivity.

New technology to increase health & safety


The completely reengineered Nuron batteries are more durable including a new, robust fiberglass-reinforced housing and external shock-absorbing bumpers which provide extra protection even in the toughest conditions. And, the electronics are fully sealed to protect against moisture, dust and other jobsite contaminants.

Hilti’s Dust Removal Systems (DRS) is available for all Nuron tools while Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) comes as standard. The Active Torque Control (ATC), another key safety feature, is now available with many more tools in the new Nuron product range.