Innovation in shipbuilding

Faster, safer outfitting for marine vessels

Ship outfitting traditionally relies heavily on welding. Welded studs and structures are a mainstay for applications such as piping, HVAC, cable tray supports, access platforms and integrated floors. However, welding has limitations in certain situations where a faster and more easy-to-modify application is preferred.

Our innovative solutions for shipbuilding complement essential hot work methods, resulting in labor savings and cleaner, safer working conditions. Most solutions come with product type approvals (and approvals in principle) from marine classification bodies and have a proven track record of use in rigorous military shipbuilding environments. 


False floors

Flexible, non-weld solutions for corrosive environments

Traditional methods of installing checker-plate grating systems are cumbersome. Multi-piece clamps are slow to install, easy to drop and tend to loosen from vibration. Welding requires hot-work permits, firewatches, and lengthy post-work touch-up. By contrast, Hilti modular platforms and stairs are flexible and easy to install. Grating fasteners can be quickly installed by a single person from the top of the grating and they can be easily removed for maintenance work. Blunt-tipped grating fasteners for corrosive shipbuilding environments help prevent paint penetration, meaning that post-installation touch-up work is reduced to a minimum.

Tool park management

Let us take care of your tools so you can take care of your business

Hilti offers over 20 different tools to cover all your applications in your yard and onboard ship. These tools are invaluable for eveything from pipefitting and steel works through to electrical works and general outfitting. Fully portable, each tool uses the same 22V platform to maximise compatibility boost your productivity. Hilti Fleet Management is an all-inclusive service where your tool costs are covered by a single and predictable monthly fee. Tool Park Optimization helps you to make your tool park more efficient, saving you money on hidden costs like procurement, administration and replacement tool hire. Finally, with ON!Track asset management software, it’s easier to see exactly what equipment you have, who is using it, and which items are due for maintenance.

Fastening equipment to steel

Eliminate welding for more productive light-duty ship outfitting applications

For light-duty shipbuilding applications requiring the fastening of equipment to steel, welding isn’t always the most appropriate method – hot work usually leads to rework. Our fastening on steel solutions include threaded stud fasteners for quick and effective fastening of industrial instrumentation, lighting fixtures, cable management systems and ladders. They increase productivity in corrosive environments and can take dynamic, high-shock loads. They are also supplied with product type approvals (or approvals in principle) from marine classification bodies. Combining these solutions with our cordless power tools for fastening also allows you to increase productivity and safety while reducing onsite fatigue.  

Cable tray and ladder supports

Flexible system for faster installation and easier cable rerouting

Flexibility and safety are key when routing cables in a shipbuilding project. Solutions such as heavy-load cable trays and waterfall supports are effective, but also suffer from major drawbacks. Not only do they have lengthy installation times, they are also difficult to adapt when you need to re-route cables. In contrast, Hilti modular cable tray and cable ladder supports can be installed quickly and modified with ease, reducing the need for costly alterations. They also allow you to integrate HVAC and piping with cabling, significantly reducing installation costs. Additionally, special 3D modeling software plugins let you design cable tray and cable ladder supports with the correct approvals.  From cable clamps and holders, through to channels, cable ladders and cable trays, these modular systems can be easily fixed using cordless tools – meaning no welding is necessary. Hilti can assist you with cable management system design as well as provide you with relevant type approvals for your marine applications.

Multi-discipline supports

Simultaneous routing of pipes, ventilation, sprinkler and seismic applications

We offer shipbuilding specialists a range of modular support systems that can be used for the simultaneous routing of pipes, ventilation, sprinkler, electrical and seismic applications. Flexible and designed to be easily adjustable, these patented multi-discipline supports include an innovative grid approach that allows the end-user to decouple engineering and constructions. They also make it easier to route high-voltage cables without encountering sharp bends. By removing the need for laborious welding and separate MEP supports, these solutions allow you to offer reliable, fast-to-install support systems for a wide range of projects and applications.

Firestop sealing

High performance, lower cost firestopping for ship outfitting projects

Fire protection is critical in any ship outfitting project. If fire breaks out, it needs to be contained for as long as it takes to extinguish it. We provide a high-performing range of passive firestopping products, ranging from firestop sleeves and pathways for cable penetrations, through to cast-in devices, firestop collars and bandages, putties and preformed joints and cavity barriers. These solutions can also help reduce costs in shipbuilding projects. Hilti Firestop Documentation Manager software supports with the product selection, design, planning, specification and documentation. 

Energy and industry project solutions

From mining to onshore oil and gas to shipbuilding, bring down the total costs of your asset over its entire life cycle with end-to-end project solutions that combine software, hardware and services. 

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Protect your teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

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Control tool costs

Simplify your financial planning and administration with our fleet management service. Pay a fixed monthly fee for all your tools including their use, service and repair costs. Say goodbye to hidden costs.

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