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Features & Applications

  • Access to hard-to-reach spaces where other tools won’t fit
  • Reach even further into confined spaces with the longer grip and in-line battery interface
  • Robust 3/8” anvil with friction ring for quick and easy socket changes
  • Built to last thanks to the more efficient brushless motor, more powerful motor cooling and sealed electronics
  • Strong LED light provides more powerful illumination of the work area
  • Bolting steel – such as for handrails, racking and machinery (M8-M10 diameter)
  • Setting HUS anchors in concrete – such as for baseplates, formwork props, handrails and temporary fixtures (6-8 mm diameter)
  • Driving screws into 8 mm and 10 mm HRD frame anchors in masonry and concrete
  • Metal bolting in steel – such as handrails, racking and machinery

Technical Data

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