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Concrete Scanners

Find out how our concrete scanners are designed for precise, non-destructive structural analysis and detecting hidden objects

Find out how our concrete scanners are designed for precise, non-destructive structural analysis and detecting hidden objects
PS 300 Ferroscan system Concrete detector for rebar localisation, depth measurement and size estimation in structural analysis
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Hilti Cordless Concrete Scanners

At Hilti we offer a range of detection systems to find hidden rebar, pipes, live wires and other embedded objects in concrete and base materials.

It just depends what you’re working on – whether you’re searching for rebar, need to find a live wire or need to scan a huge structure.

Our Hilti cordless detection tools and systems provide non-destructive solutions for structural analysis and testing and hit prevention before drilling, coring, cutting and sawing.

Every contractor wants greater insight to improve accuracy, productivity and profitability. Hilti Detection Systems help you achieve all three—by providing nondestructive methods to locate, classify and discern the depth of a variety of objects embedded in concrete. When scanning concrete with Hilti detection systems, you can locate rebar, live wires, metal piping and other ferrous and nonferrous objects.

And now, you can take that insight to new depths with Hilti 2-D and 3-D Detection Systems:

  • Document details of construction for inspections and depth-of-coverage verification
  • Confirm safe clearance before drilling, cutting or coring through concrete
  • Help prevent costly repairs to tools and buried objects.

PS 300 Ferroscan

Designed to find rebar in concrete in a non-destructive manner, estimate rebar size and the depth of concrete cover

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If you have questions, you can contact one of our Hilti Detection Systems technical specialists.

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Hilti Ps 85 scanner detection system


Our detection tools are cordless, shock, dust and water-resistant and give real time results so you can mark up your jobsite as you scan. We also offer Hilti detection software for more detailed analysis of your scans, to print reports, archive scan data and integrate scan data into other CAD software applications.

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