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Features & Applications

  • First ETA-compatible stud anchor for torque-controlled setting using an impact wrench and Hilti torque bar for higher productivity in serial applications
  • Excellent edge and spacing distances
  • 3 embedment depths offering maximum flexibility
  • Wide range of fastening applications in un-cracked concrete
  • Handrails and balustrades
  • Ladders and staircases
  • Guard rails

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What's the right wedge anchor for my job?

Wedge anchors are available in three different lines

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Wedge anchors

Ultimate HST3 wedge anchor

Ultimate wedge anchor

  • Ultimate performance wedge anchors offering highest performance in safety critical applications
  • Broader set of approvals such as ETA for un-cracked and cracked concrete, fire, shock and seismic
  • Suitable for applications such as structural baseplates, secondary steel (e.g. balconies, canopies, staircases), curtain wall and demanding MEP
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Premium HSA wedge anchor

Premium wedge anchor

  • Premium performance wedge anchors offering high performance for non-demanding conditions
  • ETA approved for un-cracked concrete
  • Suitable for large range of applications in un-cracked concrete
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Standard HSV wedge anchor

Standard wedge anchor

  • Standard performance wedge anchors offering Hilti quality at economical price
  • Suitable for non-structural applications when no approvals are required
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