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DS WS 15

Wire saw

Features & Applications
  • Up to 22 kW peak power and 15 kW effective continuous power rating with minimum water cooling – requires only a 32 A power supply
  • Smooth, infinite adjustment of the drive speed from the control console
  • Saw advance tension is easily adjustable at all times for maximum cutting performance
  • Water flow on / off controllable from the control console
  • Factory-fitted, quick-release couplings for greatly reduced coupling failure
  • Structural alteration of buildings – cuts openings of all kinds and almost any shape
  • Technical demolition of structural components (bridges, chimneys, foundations)
  • Sawing anything from heavily reinforced concrete to thick stonework
  • Sawing in noise-sensitive locations
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SGD 129,886.25 / 1 Piece
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SGD 125,538.00 / 1 Piece
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SGD 123,573.23 / 1 Piece
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