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Calibration and measuring service

Hilti calibration service

We offer a calibration service to test and readjust your Hilti measuring tools including:

  • Laser distance measurers
  • Laser levels
  • Point & line lasers
  • Concrete scanners
  • Total stations

Our Hilti tools are all designed to be high precision instruments. But sometimes their accuracy can be affected by harsh conditions, such as inappropriate storage, temperature fluctuations or mishandling. Accuracy can also be affected over time by rigorous conditions of everyday use.

We therefore recommend that you calibrate your tools regularly, at least once a year.

In some cases you may need to calibrate your tools more often, so please just check with your own Internal Quality Policy to see what you need to fit with your company’s internal audits.

We also recommend that you regularly field test your tools, particularly before critical measurement tasks and if your tools have been subjected to harsh conditions.

You can find more information about this in your tool’s Operating Instructions.


We are certified under the ISO 9001 quality management system and offer a three-step service:

Verification of accuracy
We compare your tool’s accuracy with the accuracy defined by our “manufacturer’s specifications” in its user manual.

Adjustment, clean and service
If the tool doesn’t conform to its original specifications, we adjust the laser level or detector to make it accurate again. We also clean the tool and check that it’s working correctly before sending it back to you.

We also give you a written report, in the form of a Service Certificate that includes the test location, test values and recommended interval – serving as a documented information to confirm the measurement quality and compliance with its original manufacturer’s specifications.


Pease note that Hilti’s verification procedure is not accredited under ISO 17025 or any other certification standard, which is specifically designed for calibration laboratories.

Please refer to your Internal Quality Policy to check whether calibration according to a standard such as ISO 17025 is required.

If you have any questions, please just contact us.

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ISO Requirements for Measuring Tools


Why do I need to calibrate my tools?

Our Hilti tools are designed to be high precision instruments, but they can get damaged and inaccurate due to external factors such as temperature fluctuations, air pressure, improper storage conditions or the harshness of everyday use.

How often do I need to calibrate my Hilti tools?

We recommend regularly, at least once a year. And please check with your own company Internal Quality Policy to see what is right for your own company’s internal needs.

We also recommend that you regularly field-test your tools, particularly before critical measurement tasks and if a tool has been subjected to harsh conditions. Please also refer to the tool’s Operating Instructions before use.

What calibration certification does Hilti have?

We are certified to ISO 9001. We are not certified to ISO 17025.

Please check with your own company’s Internal Quality Policy to see what level of calibration you need.

Who do I contact for calibration?

Please get in touch with your local Hilti account manager or call Hilti customer service at 6777-7887

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