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Refer to the list of KITs below to get your hands on our exclusive merchandises. You will also get a free mobile phone cardholder when you include any of the below items in your order:

  • TE 3-CL, TE 3-ML, TE 6-A22, PM 40-MG, PD-S

The merchandises will be delivered to you by the 2nd week of November.

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TE 3-ML with DCD & Consumables

- TE 3-ML - DCD - TE-C 10/16 MP8 - TE-C 12/16 MP8 - TE-CP SM 25 - TE-CP FM 25 Kit# 3607499

Special offer SGD 538

TE 6-A22 with 2 Batteries and 1 Charger

Kit# 3607537

SGD 1,649.2 (log in to see your price)

TE 3-CL with DCD

Kit# 3606577 

Special offer SGD 308

TE 3-ML with DCD

Kit# 3506579 

Special offer SGD 408

TE 6-A22 body with DCD

Kit# 3606580 

SGD 974.7 (log in to see your price)

PM 40-MG with PD-S

Kit# 3606918 

Limited-time offer SGD 1,188

Multi-line laser PM 40-MG

Kit# 3606917 

Limited-time offer SGD 988