Hilti Adaptive Torque System

Choosing the right torque wrench

For improved speed and consistency with ETA or ICC-ESR approval, choose the Adaptive Torque System

When your priority is speed, and you can't compromise on safety, choose the SIW 6AT-A22 Impact Wrench and SI-AT-A22 Adaptive Torque System.

Putting you in control, the AT System is ideal for installing Hilti expansion anchors, performing metal-to-metal bolting or installing modular support systems so you can undertake the most demanding applications, without compromising on performance.

these machines are ideal and work faster than a manual torque wrench

Construction and engineering professionals know the advantages and disadvantages of 'torqueing'. It's a proven installation method, yet requires a calibrated torque wrench to ensure correct installation of expansion anchors, modular support systems or metal bolts without causing damage to base materials or a risk to safety.

Our Adaptive Torque System helps to remove these problems.
Sensors and on-board intelligence in the SIW 6AT-A22 and SI-AT-A22 help to ensure the correct installation of your fasteners. It is in line with international regulations such as ICC-ESR or ETA approvals for Hilti expansion anchors. With the AT System you can work fast and save your manual torque wrench for final approvals.

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Achieved approved installation of Hilti metal expansion anchors

Approved anchor setting

Incorrect installation of metal expansion anchors may result in catastrophic failure and loss of life.

The AT System uses on-board intelligence to install anchors according to ETA or ICC-ESR approvals. 

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Fast installation with the Hilti MI system

Medium supports with MQ

Improved productivity for light- and medium-duty applications like piping or ventilation.

The AT System covers your need for safer installation and better documentation by performing each connection to the required pre-tension.

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Hilti MIQ modular framing girder solution for heavy-duty MEP support structures

Heavy supports with MI & MIQ

For quicker and safer installation of heavy support systems, the AT system will be your best friend. 

The AT System combines speed with accuracy to increase your productivity and the right pre-tension required for your heavy installation. 

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Building assembling steel framing faster using a Hilti Adaptive Torque impact wrench with AT module

Consistent bolting

Designed for maximum strength, bolts provide a connection between two materials. 

The AT System uses an advanced algorithm to pre-tension bolts and document their installation, offering you peace of mind.

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3 easy steps to use the AT System

Scanning the QR code or barcode to set the tool's pretorque


The built-in scanner on the SI-AT-A22 lets you quickly select the right settings for anchoring, bolting or installation applications. 

Construction professional bolting pipework using a Hilti torque wrench with the Adaptive Torque module


Perform your installation by pulling the trigger and the SI-AT-A22 module will light up green confirming a successful installation.

The AT system records each installation for your installation report


The SI-AT-A22 records each installation letting you generate a report that can be used to provide evidence of correct installation.

The AT System for safe installation of Anchors, Bolts and Channel Systems

What is the AT System?

Offering more power, precision and traceability, the Adaptive Torque System (AT System) is the perfect solution for anchoring, modular framing and bolting applications where you need to be better assured of correct pre-tensioning every time. The AT System is made up of five components:

  • SIW 6AT-A22 cordless impact wrench with intelligent electronics, a robust anvil and a sleek frontal portion which can reach into tight spaces
  • SI-AT-A22 module fits between the impact wrench and battery to process live data and displays when a fastener was correctly pre-tensioned
  • B22 batteries provide power to the impact wrench and SI-AT module with the ideal combination of high power and low-weight being delivered by our B22 batteries
  • Documentation software so that the SI-AT-A22’s job history can be transferred to a PC and used to create a detailed installation certificate
  • AT System-compatible products include consumables like Hilti wedge anchors or Hilti modular system connectors


6 reasons for choosing the AT System

Construction professional bolting pipework using a Hilti torque wrench with the Adaptive Torque module

Productivity gains

For demanding projects, every second counts. Our AT System gives you the fastest solution for anchoring, bolting and installation applications without compromising on safety.

Fastening an elevator anchor point to concrete using an Hilti impact wrench

Application safety

Time is money – but failures may cost lives. Our AT System has been approved by international organizations like ETA and ICC-ESR for metal expansion anchors.

The AT system records each installation for your installation report or jobsite inspection

Documentation software

Easily record the right data to pass inspections. The SI-AT-A22 documentation software provides you with a record of executed fastenings for better accountability and back-office efficiency.

Construction professional working in an elevator shaft with a Hilti impact wrench and Adaptive Torque module

Easier than a torque wrench

Limited space can make installation difficult. The AT System helps overcome this so you can perform installations easily and use a torque wrench for post-install checks.

Hilti technical working to repair a power tool

Service and support

Our tools are designed to last, and with our class-leading service and support, if you hit a problem with the AT System then you can be assured that we've got you covered.

Collection of Hilti cordless power tools displayed on a construction site

Standardized platform

We believe you need the right tools that fit your business today and tomorrow. That's why the AT System uses standardized 22V batteries, so you have flexibility for your business.

Medium-duty strut channel structure, designed to save time and increase productivity

MQ System

Our MQ System is developed for maximum flexibility, strength and safety. It's available in different corrosion resistance coatings and is designed for a broad variety of medium-duty mechanical, electrical and plumbing applications.

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Hilti MQ system of lightweight modular framing supporting pipes in a building

MI & MIQ System

Our MI & MIQ System has been developed to carry high loads and is a fully modular system, that eliminates the need for welding. Quick, flexible and easy to use on the jobsite, it’s available in hot-dip galvanized and is suitable for industrial and heavy commercial applications.

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Hilti wedge anchor

Wedge anchors

Hilti's range of expansion anchors deliver progressive levels of performance suited to different base materials – seismic, cracked or uncracked concrete, grouted masonry and lightweight concrete over metal deck.

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Three Hilti 22V impact wrenches for anchoring and bolting

Impact Wrenches

Hilti cordless impact wrenches offer professionals a lightweight tool and compact design without sacrificing power and effectiveness. With a high-efficiency hammer mechanism and brushless motor they have outstanding ergonomics and balance, making them the perfect choice for working overhead or in those restricted space installation projects.

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Uniformed Hilti technician repairing a high-performance impact wrench


Services to keep you performing

Unforeseen or hidden factors like lost or damaged tools and repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite.

Our service offerings help you avoid these additional costs and keep you working.