Hilti HSL-3 sleeved expansion anchor approved for heavy duty applications in cracked concrete

Hilti expansion and undercut anchors

Approved according to the most stringent product qualifications from cracked concrete, fatigue loads as well as ETA seismic C2, heavy-duty anchors are the anchors of choice for demanding and critical fastening applications. 
With our PROFIS Anchor software, the design process becomes quicker, more reliable and specific to your project need. Our specialized engineers can provide additional support by visiting you on site or in your office.

Hilti heavy-duty anchors for steel profiles and baseplates

Steel and metal works

Steel profiles, baseplates and retrofitting elements often require high-performance anchors that can take up both high tensile as well as high shear loads. Heavy-duty anchors are an ideal solution as fewer fastening points are required thanks to the high performance of the anchor.

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Hilti heavy-duty anchors for support for large pipes

Piping and equipment

With several fastening points, support of large pipes or groups of pipes are best served by mechanical heavy-duty anchors. Also critical equipment demand the reliability, safety and performance offered by heavy-duty anchors.

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Hilti heavy-duty anchors for working platforms and heavy formwork bracings

Temporary fastenings

Working platforms and heavy formwork bracings exert high shear loads and the anchors that are used need to be removable. Hilti HSL and HDA heavy-duty mechanical anchors meet both of these needs as well as ensure easy installation for immediate loading.

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Performs as you expect from a Hilti expansion anchor, yet offers a unique mix of versatility and improved load carrying capacity. 
Combining high tension and shear load resistance along with an easy and reliable installation, heavy-duty anchors are a safe and cost efficient alternative to classical fastening solution such as studs or chemical anchors.


HSL-3 heavy-duty anchor for demanding fastening applications
  • Almost 40 years of experience in the market with millions of installed anchors
  • Backed by both international ETA and ICC-ESR approvals
  • Suitable for use in cracked and uncracked C20/25 to C50/60 concrete
  • Suitable for all dynamic loads: seismic C1 and C2, shock and fatigue
  • Performance without compromise even when installed in diamond drilled holes 
  • Extreme shear load performance thanks to high strength sleeve
  • Automated torque control with HSL-3-B
  • Customizable length to suit specific project needs
  • Head markings for easier identification during inspection
  • Easily removable for temporary fastening or retrofitting
Hilti HSL-3 expansion anchor


Features a hexagon screw head for a consistent and professional, aesthetically pleasing fastening. Easy to conceal thanks to the only slight protrusion of the head.

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Hilti HSL-3-G expansion anchor


The classic threaded rod and nut ensures that the fixture can be easily removed without damaging the fastening point.

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Hilti HSL-3-SK expansion anchor


The flat countersunk head with hexagon socket lies flush with the fixture for discreet fastenings and avoidance of tripping hazards.

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Hilti HSL-3-B expansion anchor


Features a hexagon head with a red cap that shears off at the required torque for flawless installations – no torque wrench required.

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Hilti HSL-GR expansion anchor


Classic threaded rod and nut design in A4 (AISI 316) stainless steel for heavy-duty applications in corrosive environments.

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  • Hilti design software

    Design: Supported by PROFIS and our engineering team

    Thanks to the high shear and tensile load performance of Hilti HSL anchors, the number of fastening points can be optimized, leading to more cost-efficient solutions. Our PROFIS design software and our face-to-face engineering support underpin the best solution for your specification.

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    Easy and hassle-free installation

    Installation: Easy and hassle-free

    Suitable for hammer-drilled or diamond-drilled holes, followed by low effort setting. When applying the installation torque, essential for correct functioning of the anchor, the plastic ring ensures effective expansion by preventing rotation of the anchor. The HSL-3-B's torque-controlled setting operation increases installation reliability as it eliminates the need for a torque wrench.

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    Convenient inspection

    Post-Installation: Convenient to inspect and easy to remove

    A quality and safety inspection is often required after installation of the anchors. Thanks to their head markings, HSL-3 heavy-duty anchors offer excellent inspection convenience and can be easily removed in case of temporary fastenings, leaving an easily patchable hole. To accommodate the increasing demand of on-site testing, we offer a complete range of testing and evaluation services.

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