Glass Wall Fixing

Bearing Material for Glass Wall Point Fixing

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Thanks to its aesthetic appeal and the architectural possibilites it opens up, the use of glass as a structural material is rapidly gaining significance. Large and unconventional facades, interior partitions and other glass elements reflect the spirit of the times and are now becoming standard features of many buildings.

The incorporation of structural glass in a building presents mant challenges due to transfer of alternating compressive and shear force between the glass and the steel structure. Allowance must also be made for stresses generated by temperature fluctuations and the heat of the sun.

Thus, a versatile, reliable high strength fastening solution capable of meeting these demanding requirements is thus called for.

Injection mortar HIT-HY 70 is particularly suitable. In contrast to mechanical fastening solutions, this injectable mortar offers maximum flexibility in use and its high compressive strength combined with excellent ductility allows loads to be taken up reliably without transferring stress peaks to the glass.


  • Loads are taken up reliably without transferring stress peaks to the glass
  • Tested under typical conditions met in practice
  • Solves the deviation of the glass hole between two pieces of tempered glass in the laminated glass design due to imperfect manufacturing
  • Does not affect the overall appearance of the facade

Anchor Fixing on Cracked Concrete

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  • High performance stud anchor with optimized expansion cone and edge design combined with special steel and coatings for outstanding performance in cracked and uncracked concrete
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Cordless Rotary Hammer TE 4-A22 with Dust Removal System and TE-CX Drill Bits

  • Ideal for overhead dustless drilling anchor holes with an optimal diameter of 4-12mm
  • Drill bit with solid 4-carbide cutting edge for less wear and more holes with accuracy required for setting anchors   

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