Curtain Wall Joint Fire Stop

FIRST GREEN Firestop Product Certified under the SGBP labelling Scheme for the Curtain Wall

Taller buildings and increased occupancies are driving a need for additional safety features. Passive fire protection in tall buildings is a common standard in most developed cities.

Moving towards a sustainable future, Hilti's Firestop Silicone Joint Spray, CFS-SP SIL, is now certified as a GREEN Building Product under the category of Architectural Sealants in the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) labelling scheme. 


Hilti's Firestop Silicone Joint Spray CFS-SP SIL, is a two-component sealant that is designed to be used as a sealing material for edge of slab to curtain wall applications. Containing no halogens, solvents or hazardous substances, its unique product formulation has been certified as a product that can contribute to the sustainability of a building's life cycle.


In addition, using the Hilti firestop joint spray system minimizes liability for the building owner, designer, facade contractor, and increases safety for the occupants. This sprayable and paintable system has a movement flexibility and comes with international approvals and test certificates.

The Quick Cure, Unmatched Water, Fire and Debris Resistance – Firestop Silicone Joint Spray CFS-SP SIL

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  • Fast curing firestop spray coating with a short tack free time
  • Proven rain and wash out resistance within a few hours tested in accordance with ASTM D6904
  • Reduce project downtime caused by rain
  • Meets LEEDTM Indoor Air Quality Credit 4.1
  • Limits the spread of fungi, mold and mildew in accordance to ASTM G21
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties
  • International Approvals: ASTM E2307, ASTM E84, ASTM E90, UL 2307, Intertek, PSB

GMS Plate and Z-Clip Fixing by Gas-Actuated Fastening

Gas-actuated fastening tool GX 120 X-GHP nails for fastening into hard concrete

  • Effective and quick installation solution for fixing GMS plate, such as Mineral Wool Container
  • Well-conceived tool for fastening to very different base materials

Galvanised Mild Steel (GMS) Plate Fixing

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Cordless Drill Drive SF 2-A12

  • Ergonomics, light, yet powerful enough for top performance at all times

HPS Impact Anchor 

  • Quick impact installation by hammers, speedy and increases productivity
  • The hammer-driven screw can also be driven or unscrewed using a screwdriver

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