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Window Fixing

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Undercut Screw Anchor HUS-HR/CR

  • High loading enable safe and reliable applications
  • Up to 50% faster installation time compared to traditional
    stud anchors
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HPS Impact Anchor

  • Quick impact installation by hammers, speedy and increases productivity
  • The hammer-driven screw can also be driven or unscrewed using a screwdriver

Window Fixing by Anchor Fastening

Cordless rotary hammer TE 4-A22 with Dust Removal Systems

  • Ideal for dustless drilling with a diameter range of up to 16mm
  • Cutting edge 4-carbide drill bit leading to less wear and an
    increased productivity

Window Fixing by Direct Fastening

Power-actuated tool DX 2 + General purpose nail + DX cartridge 6.8/11M & Gas-actuated tool GX 120 + X-GHP nails


  • Optimized design for reliable and long service life for
    serial fastenings of window lugs
  • Saves labor effort and increases installation productivity

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