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Features & Applications

  • Tough and resilient soft foil capsule – no more risk of breakage, like with glass capsules
  • Suitable for use under tough jobsite conditions including water-saturated holes and at low temperatures, even in diamond-cored holes
  • High performance in seismic and static conditions in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • Automatic hole cleaning (SafeSet) with TE-CD and TE-YD drill bits in combination with a Hilti vacuum cleaner
  • Fast and convenient installation and no need to purchase a special setting tool
  • Anchoring steel structures (e.g. racking, guard rails, fences and gates)
  • Anchoring items along roads and in tunnels (e.g. crash and noise barriers, overhead catenary systems)
  • Anchoring in industry (e.g. machinery, elevators, cranes and industrial equipment)
  • Anchoring at the edge of slabs or on narrow supports (e.g. beams, balconies)
  • Anchoring curtain wall facades

Technical Data

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Consulting & Support

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unbreakable adhesive capsule anchors

Less waste and higher reliability with the Hilti HVU2 ultimate-performance foil capsule for chemical anchor fastenings in con

Benefits for Installers

A rebirth of the classic: Hilti HVU2 is a new foil capsule chemical anchor that suits the needs of even the toughest jobsite conditions. The flexible capsule comes with a simple and clean installation system. Significant upgrades in technical data covering cracked concrete and diamond coring help ensure that it can be used in a variety of high load applications.

Key Features of HVU2


It’s time to switch from old-style glass capsules to unbreakable foil capsules. Our Hilti HVU2 foil capsules ensure that just the right amount of adhesive is used in every anchor hole. These flexible capsules are extremely convenient for overhead installation as they fit even in irregular holes without dropping out.

Easy to install

Precise dosage with each capsule keeps mortar waste to a minimum and reduces the need for volume calculations. Every package of Hilti HAS rods in the sizes M8 to M16 contains a setting tool for setting HVU2 anchors using either a drill driver or hammer drill.

Reliable installation

Mineral grit including corundum ensures reliable shredding of the capsule foil in every drilled hole. This hard abrasive material also helps roughen the drilled hole so that installation is successful without need for additional roughening of diamond-drilled holes or brushing out hammer-drilled holes.

Instant curing

All it takes is 5 minutes at a temperature of 20 °C or above for the adhesive to cure and establish a bond that can take the full load. No time is wasted waiting after installation. 


Hilti HVU2 foil capsule anchor fit in irregular holes

Minimized design effort

The HVU2 foil capsule system is integrated as a design option in our Hilti PROFIS Anchor design software. This means that if designers use HVU2, the software includes an option to check whether the design is also suitable for use of HVU2 foil capsules. The solution is displayed in the design report as an alternative and can reduce design effort significantly right from the start.

Reliable under real jobsite conditions

Conditions on jobsites can be harsh. If chemical anchors are used they must therefore resist exposure to the rays of the sun and damage from dropping or other impacts. Hilti HVU2 foil capsules have not only been tested extreme jobsite conditions, the elasticity of the resin used also helps ensure that the anchors specified in the design meet the calculated values.

More economical

Depending on the number of fastening points required, HVU2 foil capsules may be more economical compared to injection systems such as HIT RE 500 V3 and HY 200. This is because capsules require no additional installation equipment for precise dosage and when fastening overhead.

Technically advanced

When it comes to technical advancement, HVU2 is in a league of its own. HVU 2 ensures high load capacity in both cracked and uncracked concrete and in diamond-cored holes.


Structural /Secondary Steel

  • Suitable with capsule anchor for small number of fixing points
  • High loading capacity both work in cracked and uncracked concrete

Crash Barriers

  • Workable with diamond cored holes both in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • Instant curing time (5 minutes at 20oC and above) ensures productive installation

Machinery Installation

  • Unbreakable foil capsule anchors ensure clean and easy installation
  • Dust-free installation using hollow drill bit (approved as Safe-Set)

Fastening Facade Brackets

  • Instant curing time (5 minutes at 20oC and above) ensures productive installation
  • Dust-free installation using hollow drill bit (approved as Safe-Set)




Base material

Cracked and uncracked concrete

Recommended applications

All anchoring applications


Capsule-type adhesive anchor

Curing time at +20°C

5 minutes

ETA approvals

ETA-16/0515 for anchoring

Load type


Anchor rod diameters

M8 – M20

Setting tool

Drill drivers (M8 – M16), hammer drills (all sizes)

Drilling method  

SafeSet with Hilti hollow drill bit


Hammer drill bit


Diamond coring


Base material condition  









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