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Hilti HIT-RE 500

Ultimate-performance epoxy mortar for rebar connections and heavy anchoring

Features & Applications
  • High performance and technical superiority as per international approvals
  • Especially suitable for large-diameter elements and/or deep embedment depths
  • No expansion forces in concrete allow secure fastenings even close to edges and/or with close spacing
  • Unique foil packaging and compatible Hilti HIT injection system make handling extremely easy and minimize packaging disposal costs
  • European Technical Approval covering automatic cleaning of holes drilled using TE-CD or TE-YD drill bits and Hilti vacuum cleaners
  • Structural connections with post-installed rebar (e.g. extension/connection to walls, slabs, stairs, columns, foundations, etc.)
  • Substitution of misplaced/missing rebars or couplers
  • Anchoring structural steel connections (e.g. steel columns, beams, etc.)
  • Structural renovation of buildings, bridges and other civil structures, retrofitting and re-strengthening of concrete members possible
  • Anchoring in natural stone
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SGD 46.24 / 1 Piece
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SGD 69.76 / 1 Piece
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SGD 194.67 / 1 Piece
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SGD 4,623.41 / 1 Piece
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SGD 6,975.67 / 1 Piece
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